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01 September, 2014

Fundraiser through GlobalGiving

Azou’s Story

Azou first came to Ti Kay because her son was ill with tuberculosis (TB). She cared for him constantly and spent each night sleeping under his bed. His lungs had been eaten away by TB, leaving huge gaping holes. He didn’t complain about this even while other patients got better. He instead simply asked for a pencil and books. He wanted to be an engineer. The holes in his lungs couldn’t be replaced, and he lost his fight with TB.

Azou continued to give care to others who needed her help. She has tremendous patience as she works with patients. One patient contracted TB after he became paralyzed, and she spent every day looking after him. He required constant wound care, turning, and feeding, and Azou assisted with great gentleness and respect.

She visits patients in their home, doting on those who felt like they had no more hope left. She brings them plates of warm food and encourages them to eat when they do not want to. She changes diapers on adults, making sure they never feel ashamed when they are so sick. She treats everyone with amazing kindness.

When asked why she chose to be a caregiver, Azou said, “Myself, I’m here, I’m standing on my two feet, so I can help those who cannot. You can wipe someone’s face with water, you can give them a little water, you can put food in their mouth, you can help them walk. I’m helping those who can’t help themselves.”

Thank you for helping the many caregivers like Azou continue to provide an indispensable service to patients.