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Stephanie Mompremier
Stephanie Mompremier
Information Technology
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I am Stephanie Mompremier. I have been working at Ti Kay since 2011 in information technology and sometimes in accounting.

I graduated in information technology from Haiti Tech Info (HTI). I am happy to be working at Ti Kay because I wish to help as I can, and contribute to the great work that is being done to take care of people with tuberculosis.

Mwen se Stephanie Mompremier. Mwen travay nan Ti Kay depi 2011 antanke enfòmatisyèn, pa fwa antanke kontab.

Mwen te diplome nan teknik enfòmatik nan Haïti Tech Info (HTI). Mwen kontan travay nan Ti Kay paske mwen vle pote èd pam nan gwo travay kat fèt pou pran swen moun tibèkiloz.