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WNET – Tavis Smiley Interview with Amy Wilentz:

Tavis Smiley Interview video

From the transcript: “Well, I have a doctor in here and she’s wonderful, but she’s very small-scale. So she came down to Haiti after the earthquake. She learned Creole from her patients at the general hospital in Haiti and, slowly but surely – her name is Megan Coffee – she started to develop a tuberculosis ward in the hospital where there was not one even though Haiti has one of the worst burdens of tuberculosis in all of Latin America. And now she has a permanent ward there and she has a little fundraising organization and her aid is very targeted. That’s what I love about it.

Like she’ll say to a donor, I need a computer for this patient. He’s really interested in learning English and following the news. And then you give the money and then the patient gets the computer.

So she’s just the vessel through which things flow instead of being this big organization that kind of stops everything while it thinks and then the money sits in their coffers.”