Our team came together just after the earthquake in 2010.

We are organizing now to respond to the earthquake in southern Haiti 2021.

Many of our team members are from the small towns and villages that are not the first to receive aid, the first to be noticed. 

Now our team wants to give back to where they are from, facing this awful trauma known too well to everyone who lived through 2010 in Port-Au-Prince.

We have worked over the last decade to make sure we met patients where they are. We listened. Those who had been there, who had had TB or HIV, reached out. We worked to make sure HIV and TB care made sense, that it was understandable. We worked with denial. We worked with those who’d rather forget they ever had TB or HIV. We worked with ensuring patients could remain in their homes, with care coming to them.

We take this same approach wherever we work. We responded with supplies to hospitals and communities affected by Hurricane Matthew. We are working to do the same now.