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Ti Kay
220 Riverside Boulevard
Apt 19D
NY NY 10069

We are working on fundraising for a new inpatient facility. We have a location, but need to continue to raise the extra funds this location would require.
What our patients needed was a place of refuge. Many bounce from hospital to hospital, not knowing what they had. They were afraid it might be HIV, it might be TB. They became sicker and had little money left. They earned only dollars a day before but now couldn’t work. The medical bills trying to diagnose the illness had eaten any savings they might have had. Now they couldn’t breathe. The TB Clinic provided them the oxygen, care, and everything else they needed to get better from their critical illness.

Please tag “Let’s Rebuild” if you would like your donation to be saved for rebuilding – and not to the day-to-day costs of outpatient support.