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Hurricane Matthew

October 7, 2016 Our team continued to work, ensuring those whom they cared for in their homes, as the storm hit. We are working on ensuring better housing for our most marginalized patients, whose homes pulled together from wood,...


Technology that works

We have worked to create tech that’s durable that’s part of systems that work. That is easier said than done when the electricity goes out, there’s no water from the faucet, the roads are blocked. Our team has worked...



“You have tuberculosis.” “You have HIV.” These diagnoses are difficult for anyone to hear. It’s harder when every day you need to earn the money to feed your family that day. And it’s harder when you think you will...

TB black and white


We are working to establish a new inpatient facility. We have already located a space and will be partnered with a terrific hospital – St. Luke’s. Our previous clinic was closed for post-earthquake reconstruction. A new facility would allow...


Professional Medical Education

Continuing education for medical professionals is vital. Ti Kay strives to educate our doctors, nurses, and staff in current medical practices. Some learn through apprenticeship programs; others through formal educational material and medical articles on the latest, best medical practices.


Peer Adherence Network

A diagnosis of Tuberculosis or HIV can be one of the hardest things to hear, and can make one might feel very alone in the world. But in reality, no one is alone in this diagnosis. Other patients know...



“She needed oxygen. Too little and she wouldn’t make it through the night. He monitored her and made sure her oxygen levels were where they needed to be. Too much oxygen though and the tank would run out too...